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Cultural Appropriation in Spirituality

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Personal Statement

It is very important to me to practice spirituality in a way that keeps me in my own lane. I prioritize not stealing from cultures that are not my own. I want to make this statement early and often.

As such, my spiritual practice focuses on our individual personal journeys via art, journaling, introspection and meditation through the language and archetypes of Evolutionary Astrology and culturally considerate divination.


SLYSCA is a group of spiritual practitioners educating one another in ethical practices. This group has helped me steer clear of cultural appropriation in my practice.

The poem below was written by one of the amazing mod team over at Seems Like Your Spirituality's Cultural Appropriation. It beautifully paints the blurred lines between science and spirituality.

Please consider supporting their amazing work on Patreon!

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