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What Are "The Big 3"? The Sun, Moon and Ascendant.

Did you know we have over a dozen different planets and placements? There are several astrological bodies and they all have a uniquely corresponding sign, house and meaning in our charts.

Often in astrology people will refer to three main placements as "The Big 3". We introduce the Big 3 here!


Your Sun Sign is what pop culture claims we are. When you ask someone their sign, the answer is usually their Sun Sign. The Sun is how we shine outwardly, how we show up in the world, how we express ourselves.

If you think of the actual sun, it shines brightly, it's what lights our way and we can't help but see the light it casts whenever it's up. This is the same for our Sun Signs.

Pop culture references the Sun because it is the easiest to determine in others - it's our outward expression and how we exhibit ourselves. But it is not always how we see ourselves internally.


Have you looked up your Zodiac sign and thought "I'm not like that at all?!" Well, that may be because of your Moon Sign. Your Moon Sign is your inner narrative, how you think, your emotions and how you see yourself. Our Moon is our internal monolog and how we most see ourselves. It's what needs fueling to move throughout the day.

If you think of the actual moon, it reflect the sun, it's what is more hidden and shows up in the dark.


Your Ascendant (or Rising) sign is how you were conditioned to exist in the world. "If I do this, then I receive love." or "If I do this, my needs are met". This is how we are raised as children. Most of us grow out of our Ascendant, but we fall back into it in new situations, in a room of new people when we are unsure. The ascendant is a mask, a tool, a learned skill and behavior to help you navigate the world.

Have you struggled with people thinking of you as one thing, but you see yourself as another? This may be from how you come off through your Ascendant and Sun while your Moon expresses differently.

Typically, when you meet new people, you show your Ascendant and operate under your ascendant archetypes first, then, when you warm up, you show your Sun Sign. Once you let people in, they get to see your internal Moon Sign self.

These are your "big three".

If you want a crash course into your Big 3, book a reading!


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